Theatres Des Vampires 5

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Theatres Des Vampires 5

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[/size]Suicide Vampire (2002)

1. Theatre Of Horrors
2. Lilith Mater Inferorum
3. La Danse Macabre Du Vampire
4. Queen Of The Damned
5. Bloodlust
6. Tenebra Dentro
7. Suicide Vampire
8. Il Vampiro
9. Der Makabre Tanz Des Vampires (German Extended Version)
10. Enthrone The Dark Angel (Version 2002)

1. Theatre Of Horrors

Infernal! This is my kingdom
Pleasure from pain... pain... pain!
Welcome in our theatre of horrors
Welcome in the theatre of vampires
This night you will be our victim

Will become a vampire!
Will look with other eyes!
Will listen with other ears!
Will drink with another mouth!

Horror! This is my entertainment
Enjoyment from the suffering
Welcome in our unholy theatre
In our prison of blood

A Macabre symphony...
A communion of blood and lust
Perversion without limits, drink in the chalice
Eat the body of chest! Look! The horror show
Flesh and blood... agony and pleasure
Tonight you will become a vampire
An angel of evil and death
In the greatre of horrors, Theatre of Vampires

2. Lilith Mater Inferorum

Mater Mater Inferorum Mater Mater
Lilith Mater Inferorum mater Mater

We are your children, children of Evil
Against the heaven's legion
Vampires, Demons, Undead
Lilith's Child will be our guide
In this infernal battle

We will destroys the Christian's legion
We will destroy their status
We will burns their churches
And the cross will be inverted

We are the Cainian's Legion
We want blood from the nun's neck
We will snatches the heart of this false prophets
We are start to fight against god

<A name=3>3. La Danse Macabre Du Vampire

Unholy bloody fucking suckers
I'm your nightmare, your damnation
This night we rise to suck your blood
This night we rise to fuck your soul

Danse! Danse! Danse! The Vampire!

Unholy bloody virgin's fuckers
I'm your pleasure... your suffering
This night we rise for our thirst
This night we rise for our life

Oh my beautiful Lady
Leave me such your neck
Leave me lick your body
Leave me fuck to you!

<A name=4>4. Queen Of The Damned

When the sky become dark
I come out from my coffin
In search of my new victim
Unholy passion... hot blood on my mouth
Pointed teeth on your neck
I feel your soul inside me

I feel your enjoyment...
I feel you... in my veins...

When the light leaves the earth
I rise from my grave
Queen of the damned... I love the blood
I cut the throat of innocent virgins! For my thirst

She who loves the pain!
She who loves the suffering!
She who loves the lust!
She that want satisfy my thirst!
She who loves the blood!
She who loves the death!
She who loves the evil!

<A name=5>5. Bloodlust

Ancient ritual in the forest
The witches meets for a new sabbath
Dancing around the black flames
Immersed in the blood of immolated virgins!
A malefic orgy in the name of Lucifer
Children of evil... born witches
They wander and dance
In the black Sabbath... in eternal!
I'm your Lord, I'm your slave
I want that you bring evil on the earth
Hear the Satan's bell
Feel this sensation of death
We burn the holy bible
We crush the cross
In the name of Lucifer
Vampyrisme, Necrophile,
Necrosadisme, Necrophragie

<A name=6>6. Tenebra Dentro

Mater sospirorum, mater lacrimarum, mater tenebrarum, mater inferorum.

In the darkness I fall... Solitude and despair
Condemned to wander every night

While the people sleeps (while the people sleeps),
I raise from my bier (I raise from my bier)
And begins my life,
My life of a vampire

Tenebra dentro

In the darkness I live,
Misanthropic existence,
Condemned to live forever.

While the people loves (while the people loves),
I remember my bride (I remember my bride)
But I can't cry for my despair.

Tenebra dentro

I wish your neck, I wish your mouth, I wish your blood
I wish, I wish, I wish you

While the people sleeps (While the people sleeps),
I raise from my bier (I raise from my bier)
And begins my life,
My life of a vampire.

Tenebra dentro

Mater inferorum, mater sospirorum.

While the people loves (mater inferorum),
I remember my bride (mater sospirorum)
But I can't cry for my despair (mater lacrimarum).
(Mater tenebrarum)
While the people sleeps (mater inferorum),
I raise from my bier (mater sospirorum)
And begins my life (mater lacrimarum),
My life of a vampire (mater tenebrarum)!

<A name=7>7. Suicide Vampire

<A name=8>8. Il Vampiro

Maestoso e fiero, il vampiro, esce dal freddo sa anche la salma che
lascia (adescare la vittima) adescare la vittima (che placherà) che
placherà (la sua sete di sangue) la sua sete di sangue, di sangue

Sento il calore del suo respiro, sento i suoi denti affondare nella
mia carne, (fra dolore) fra dolore e orgasmo (mi ritrovo preda)
preda del vampiro

(Blood and tears) Lacrime e sangue [x3]

(fall asleep)
I never sleep my hunter
(and never in between us)
and never in between me and you
(I'm waiting to die)
I'm waiting to die
(from miles from the sleep)
miles from the sleep to the breath and
(open still wrists)
open these eyes
run as deep

(into black)
Into black
Into black mantel
(Mantel, mantel)
Into black mantel

<A name=9>9. Der Makabre Tanz Des Vampires (German Extended Version)

[Bonus track]

<A name=10>10. Enthrone The Dark Angel (Version 2002)

[Bonus track]

Night without moon... obscure clouds in the sky
Whispers from twilight... terrors so fine!

Ancient omen of cursed age
Hell is coming on the earth

Enthrone the dark angel... waiting his arrival
Born in the cradle of Thorns... drink blood and tears

Body without heart
Pale faded flower
We pray the horned God
We pray the king of Hell

"Follow your sign... a cold moon
Freezes my heart... a breath of horror
When I walk the dark path of Oblivion...
Thew Lord awaits in its castle of perdition
When I walk the dark path of Oblivion"
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