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Mesaj tarafından Gothsemane Bir Çarş. Ağus. 15, 2007 3:36 pm

Serpent Angel

Father Satan send the Serpent
Poison me with your tongue
Envolve me in a darkness shell
Grant me all the powers of hell
Lucy Feris... bringer of light
Serpent God... Septentrion rise!

Unholy I felt, delirium of death
With blood I enchaint, I'm the Angel
Flesh! Grant me the powers oh!
Diabolical trinity
Enlight me spectre of Leviathan
Genesis of the true lord
In the mass of damnation
Gran-duc of hell Amon recite
thy incantation...
Occult I'm lord Immortal and
my majestic wings dare enlight all
Involeth... Daemoneth... Imoleth... Shehmah Forash...
Only I will oring Emeth

Rise my angels rise!
The creation of me Morbid God
(eerf ylf llahs I, dog eb llahs I)
By the hand of Tiamat, Lord of odd
Open wide the chapel of fall!
Overshadow me Master Belial!
Serpent Angel I am the one they adore!
They kneel before me I'm their Morbid God

Goat On Fire

'It is the dawn of a new morning at the Mountains of Silver
and I would rather live in the ice than in the middle of
the modern virtue and other southern winds'
(Friedrich Nietzsche)

When the cold winds blows the fog away
releasing dark shining shapes of a mystic forest.
I embrace the Nightfall
Old voices from ancient Witches announce
the gathering of thee
...The ones of a thousand young.
Here in the North... where We come forth to assemble.
Where I Knee unto thee...
Four times one and one are all.
The four crowned Princes of Hell.
The ones with the Sygil of Evil...
Witness... the Goat on Fire. Who feed my desire.
The Goat on Fire.
A goat with the Northern Ice.
A goat with the Southern Fire.
Rex Tenebrarum! The crow over my soul.
Tremendae Majestatis. The raven inside my Heart...
Four times one and one are all.
The four crowned princes of Hell
The ones with the Sygil of Evil...
Goat on Fire... Come feed my desire.

(WINTER 1992 e.v.)

2. Ancient Winter Goddess

A pure veil of darkness.
A mysterious fog.
The Moon is full.
And the Wolves you call.
Red as my blood it is the sky above us.
As I witness the arrival of the Winter Solstice.
And I cry from the abyss with the legions of Lilith.
Who grant me, son of Goat, the virtues if the black oath.
And I clime upon the Raven Mountain and yell.
Oh! Thunders of light and pyres of flames
- Fire is my domain -
Oh! Freezing breezes, rain and snow
- Winter is my domain -
Oh! White Whale, Leviathan
-Water is my domain-
Oh! Most beatiful moutains and forests
-The Earth and Air are my domain-
So I invocate: Eaaaaaaa! Winter rise!...
and the Ancient Winter Goddess rises
and sits in her throne of snow and stone.
Soon red will be the colour of the snow under us because
She have sent Her angels and the fury of Winter.
A cold morning will born and white is the sky above us.
And by the powers of Winter
(Fall 1992)

3. Wolves From The Fog

Hear the howling...
As the light falls and darkness paints the sky in black, a
cold Moon shines
and the red somber eyes awake, the forest whispers..Oh! Whis-
pers my
unholy name,
from a frozen Mist I rise, I, Wolf, rise!
And my brothers will attack under this blood sign...

Wolves from the fog will join in a nocturnal operetta.
When the wind sounds bohemia and the trumpets loud bacanal.
Oh! Fausts and ninfs the joy of Nahima, Mistress of the Sab-
Soon we'll be embraced by our father - the one with horns.
Satan is rejoicing in pleasure destroying the shapes of flesh.
... and once again from the fog, with horns on head came the
Wolf carrying in is shoulder the sacrifice, a beauty to this Walpurgis Eve.
As, to the somber image of our God, the Wolf with Horns I walk!

(Spring 1992)

Tenebrarum Oratorium (Andamento I / Erudit Compendyum)

The Majestic horns of Baphomet
are indeed our occult banners proudly up in the air!
The androgenious light of Lucipher
is our noble passion, most dear and rare!

Oh! Faustian spirit of conquest
May be thy allied in this infimious battle
Against the Arauts of Desrespect
Those who step with muddy feet the sapient inscriptions of our

To our strenghtening I proudly confess:

I worship thee, for they are my weapons to hurt god.

Oh! Great wings of Beelzebuth
Will you honour me and lay the head
of a son of caym, in the soft sands of Manitou
Where I'll sleep under this neophyth Sky of Anxiety.

For the dawn of Knowledge has a Southern Sign
Delfos will once again desveil its light
And those with eyes will drink this precious wine
But for the blind, Ignorance shall be the only sight!

To our strenghtening I will re-affirm:

I worship thee. They are my Shield.
And their message I shall reveal.

Because: "Quod sciptum, Scripsi!"

And this Southern blend of esoteric sapience
This sensual Mediterranic Philosophy
Will be the only and holy science
And these lines both dream and prophecy!

"Ecce Homo!" - Those you'll call the Wise
Who will destroy this pitful hole of common sense
of desrespect for the true occult devise
Those who from, the lambs, shall feel the sharpened spears of

I worship thee. "Quod sciptum, Scripsi!"
I worship thee. "Consummatum est!"

[Langsuyar T. Rex]
[Fall 1993]

3. Tenebrarum Oratorium (Andamento II / Erotic Compendyum)

Oh! Insinuant tongue of Lilith
Oh! Virtuous latin Langsuyar
Will you both drive me onto an Erudit Zenith?
Will I take part in the lybidious dances of Nergal?

I lust with thee. Pictures, fetishes of luxury!

Does the incomparable beauty of Kali
Still adorn this grey heart, my own
Where the love of Lebasy
Once shined Joy, now Sorrow...

I lust with thee. These exquisite Icons of Impurity!

As I undress you of Pagan beauty
Who embrace my Sex with all your passion and strenght
The lost chimera of Virginity will be your true purity
And thy Crownleyian erotic laws will rule at last!

We, seekers can not deny...

That the Temptation of Samael
Is thy Erotic law of every Man
And i will hesitate not to enter Hell
Where this dioniosiac fortune had ever dwell!
Oh! Phallus of Satanachia, possess with me
These cunted beings to their End
Until the Sunset of their resistance fall
Behind the flowers which adorn their head

I lust with thee. Everlasting seekers of Animality.

[Langsuyar T. Rex]
[Fall 1993 e.v.]

4. Opus Diabolicum (Andamento III / Instrumental Compendyum)

"Voa Serpente do orgulho,
Mãe da terra, nossa Mãe
Lei daqueles que clamam
P'lo Homo Natura, p'la flama,
Voa erotico Pentagramma
E destroi, e destroi quem te ama."

[Langsuyar T. Rex]
[Fall 1993]

"Masturbar-me-ia sobre a tua divindade,
Enrabar-te-ia se a tua fraca existência
Oferecesse um cu à minha incontinência;
Meu brao o coraçâo te arrancar
Para com o meu fundo horror melhor te penetrar."

[Marquis de Sade (1740-1814)]

[English translation:]

"Fly, serpent of pride,
Mother of earth, our Mother
Law of those who claim
For the Homo Natura, for the flame,
Fly erotic Pentagram
And destroy, destroy those who love us."

[Langsuyar T. Rex]
[Fall 1993 e.v.]

"I would masturbate over your divinity,
Sodomize you if your feeble existence
would offer an ass to my incontinence;
My arm thy heart would pull out
So that with my profound horror better could I penetrate you."
[Marquis de Sade (1740-1814)]
Loca Üyesi
Loca Üyesi

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Geri: Moonspell

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Wolfshade (A Werewolf Masquerade)

She brought the Night hidden in her sad Wolf eyes
The perfume of a twilight, her strongest scent
Half Wolf, Half female - what a strange wedding
Mother Nature has offered us to see...

Her mask lays lost in a fatal dawn
Closed were the eyes of the Sun. He sleeps.
And in the name of Her Father.
She will kill. My child kills.

You nightly birth. A requiem God can't forget.
For your life is just a celebration of his death
Without his thorns in her heart. She wears a shadow as face.
A werewolf masquerade. In her eyes the wolfshade.

She brought the Night and by the night was brought
We are but children of the powers she had set free
Strange are the ways of the wolfhearted...

2. Love Crimes

The cold nights have awakened Me
The soft winds to undress Me
The nails of two witches hav touched Me
Their caress cuts like the sharpest ice

Yes it is their way, this so mysterious way
of welcoming Me, welcoming Me
Their way to remember
Distant nights of Passion and Doom
Where, naked, have I bathed in velvet waters
Witnessed by an accomplice smile inside an innocent Moon

Serene were the beings who guided Me
Empty were the hands which undresses Me
To carve strange symbols unknown to Me
but lay so dearly inside of Me

This is my way, this so mysterious way
of welcoming She, welcoming She
My way to remember
Distant nights of Passion and Doom
Where we both wore flesh crowns to defy
The skies in their blue and so vague tyranny

We are mute villains
drinking of Love as insolent Vampires
Valsing through stars and skies
at that and all to come Winter nights

Like neophyte ravens in the strangest nest
Charmed by the wilderness of this strange host
Drawing naivety with our blood and semen
Ritually engraved in our hearts and chests
Marks of a pain, signs of a love crime
That will forever and never last

It is our way, this so mysterious way of loving
of welcoming thee, welcoming thee
Our way to remember
Forever lost nights of Passion and Doom
Remembrance served in cups .of sorrow and pride
For all the eternities we'll still cry
For having lost amidst the stars our bride
Untouchable in her smile, inside the great Silver Eye
Every night she is condemned to shine

3. ...Of Dream And Drama (Midnight Ride)

You've no mother to feed you
or to lick your so deep wounds
nor Earth where to lay your timid crown
You've suffered by your father
and even the Moon lies to you
When she shines...

The seduction of an altar
Is a weakness in her movements of Death
It is a mere vanity of Woman
to delay her midnight ride
Suicide... Midnight ride...

Beautiful dagger you may now leave your case
Wild red tears at the lady's hand
Kissed were her breasts with your sharpened face
Given is now what Love had taken
death and Love, they together danced

Yes, the flames did smile to her
Invited her to their fiery peace
To a funebre dance around a bonfire
Where all Women are naked and alone
Immolating their pride
May they forever ride. Far, in a midnight crime.
Midnight Ride, Suicide, Midnight Ride...

4. Lua D'Inverno

5. Trebraruna

Trebraruna filha da Dor
Guerreira sagrada, Deusa do Amor
Trebraruna teu leito semente
Acolhe-nos agora num muy doce abraço
Trebraruna és Vida és Morte
da Lua és filha, dos Lobos consorte
Trebraruna pagão é teu ventre
Ansiado refugio de quem ainda te sente

Trebraruna és tu quem nos gera
Alimento teu seio d'Amor e de Guerra
Trebraruna a tua voz é
a melodia mais doce da nossa Terra
Trebraruna nós tuas crianças
Beijamos teus olhos cerrados com fervor
Trebraruna cantamos para ti
Somos teu eterno, fiel trovador

6. Vampiria

Vampiria, you are my destiny
My only Love and true destiny

You're a beast, evil one
Above your head lays a Star
In your heart is buried the jewel
of a Serpent who wished to die
your red long tongue has her poison
And you will spread it as you breed
In a Unique transylvanian dream
Conceiving the creed of all creeds

Vampiria, fly Vampiria

In your eye burn, defying
All those who in silence sleep
In a city once named Desire
Dreaming with the entombed dear

The lady has fallen in a blossom
Spread far away by undesirable winds
To females conspiring in gloom
Hiding your pearls from the pigs

So open your arms!
They were shaped as wings
A serenade of revenge draw on your lips

The sombre hill you're staying in
Is now defined
And your Star had start to shine

Depart now on your bright wings
The world envy
The skies have always seduced you
Precious Queen
and you know your time has come
To fly away with Me, so far...

7. An Erotic Alchemy

Queen of all my sleepless nights
For whose beauty I, Faun
have played my pipes, with heart
Queen in white silk, skin like milk
Horns of Faun, lips of dawn
You are now honoured you with my presence
As I'm honoured by your sight
I crown your perfection
The predator in your breast, I devour

Tempted is now my light body

From where it burns spirals of exotic scents
Rose, sandal, jasmine, all kinds of incense
Aged fragrances only dreamed of once
Dragons do dream far beyond the sense
We make love in the dusty throne
of a Modern Sodoma

"Come to Me, step further into my nakedness
Caress me in your breasts of Fire"

"Breed my flame, have no fear or weakness
I welcome you in my hole of desire"

"Have me now, Prince, have me here"
Your beg still whispers in my ear

Daylight has broken into a strange nostalgia
Night tired candles seem like two lovers
Melt in a embrace of conspiracy
Between us there is this strange chemistry
but would you die for me?
would you die for what I've longed to be?

"Imperious, choleric, irascible, extreme in everything, with a
dissolute imagination of the like which has never been seen,
atheistic to the point of fanaticism, there you have me in a nutshell
and kill me again or take me as I am,
for I shall not change."
(De Sade)

"Breed of a nameless force, origin of our Sin
We are as large as Gods, we are their tragedy
We are the four arms of the solar Cross
Lightning in incredulous faces the flames of Uthopy"

Would you die for this?

8. Alma Mater

Mother Tongue speaks to Me
In the strongest way I've ever seen
I know that she sees in Me
Her proudest child, her purest breed

She speaks to Me in colours
That I can't really understand
I only know that they are ours
And to those I'll proudly bend

For I am your only child
And you my dearest mystery
From an ancient throne I defy the world
To kneel before the Power within.

For I am your only child
And you my dearest mystery
World can't you see it?
Am I alone in my belief?

Virando costas ao mundo
Orgulhosamente sós
Glória antiga, volta a nós!


Breaking waves announce my Bride
It is the only way the Sea could sing
Legends of Lusitanian pride
He sings the words I cannot spring

At the Moon Mountain six wolves cry
Your lost glory we'll regain or die

For I am her only child
And she is my dearest mystery
Pagan Gods in conspiracy
For the sword of Tyranny

Mother Tongue has spoke to thee
In the strongest way they've ever seen
World can't you see?
I am not alone in my belief.


Virando costas ao Mundo
Orgulhosamente sós
Gloria Antiga, volta a nos!


Mother Tongue has spoke to Me
In the strongest way I've ever seen
I know that she sees in Me
Her proudest child, her purest breed

She speaks to Me in colours
I can't really understand
I only know that they are ours
and to those I'll proudly bend

For I am her only child
And she is my dearest mystery
From an ancient throne I defy the world
To kneel before the powers within.

For I am her only child
And she is my dearest tragedy
World can't you see it?
I am not alone in my belief.

Virando costas ao Mundo
Orgulhosamente sós


9. Ataegina


Na Ara da Vida jaz uma morte
A ti te lanco a minha sorte
Ataegenia triade fatal
Palida Deusa, doce e teu mal

Centenas de corvos sobre a rochedo
Cantam em coro historias de Medo
De Primaveras que a morte abraca
Em ti encontram a sua desgraca

Devotio Ver Sacrum
Devotio Consecratio
Capitis Dirae
Rainha da Noite, Rainha Natura
Saudoso berco primaveril

Ja se choram filhos perdidos
Para terras amargas sem retorno
Onde a voz dos Deuses Perdidos
Bebe o povo o sangue do corno

Corcas alvas trazen esperanca
Lembram destinos, a vitoria
Nobre Guerra, furiosa danca
Do po sai um rumor de gloria

Devotio Ver Sacrum
Devotio Consecratio
Capitis Dirae
Rainha da Noite, Rainha Natura
Saudoso berco primaveril
Loca Üyesi
Loca Üyesi

Mesaj Sayısı : 260
Yaş : 27
Kayıt tarihi : 14/08/07

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