Let İt Flow - A Momentary Touche To The Depths

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Let İt Flow - A Momentary Touche To The Depths

Mesaj tarafından Lethe Bir C.tesi Nis. 12, 2008 5:41 pm

A Momentary Touche To The Depths

İ remember the moments
Hopes to be a butterfly
The changes of a fading soul
Crying for all the mankind

İ remember the moments
For a second to ease, i'm silenced
Just a body becoming artificial
İn the black voyage

İn this tricky masquerade
Amid the pink clouds we caged
Oh my great, oh great prophet
Save us from those illusions
So may we perceive the errant
Existance of the man

Some desperate hidings
From my depressed past
Have become a deadlock
İn the deepness of my mind

Wake me up graceful wind
Unbound me and sing
Deafen the man so i kneel
So shall the equlibrium rises

Black metal ist krieg!..

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